Rachel Rovay

Margaret Worth
On Occoupied Territory

Stephanie Rampton

Andrew Browne
Study (after Curtain 2009)

Peter McLean
Finish Landscape

Louise Feneley
Who am I?

Jo Davenport
River Morn

Adrienne Kneebone

Sandra Kontos
Ode; an unruly sun's glimmering reach curtailed

Gail May
Sea Trail 3

Sara Oscar
Law of the Series #4 (a common ancestor)

Irene Wellm
Apocalyptic Figure I

Sue Ferrari
Hanging by a Thread

Antonia Chaffey
The Overview Effect # 2

Jess Dare
Daisy Chain

John Wolseley
A Natural History of Swamps I, Great Reed Warbler - Camargue (detail)

Katy Bowman

D'n'A Clay Studio
Caitlin's Treasure Box

Marc Standing

Richard Manning

Anne Spudvilas
The trip begins...

Jill Bryant
Field Flowers

Wendy Grace

Andrea Fiebig
Ripple (detail)

Fiona Cabassi
The dotty device

Alfredo Cramerotti
Contingency in Madagascar

Steph Stewardson
Winter Sun

Nici Cumpston
Quartzite ridge - Shelter I

Dianne Marega
Work in progress

Karen Cunningham
Illumini decanter

Rhonda Pryor
Frayed Legacy

Gina Kalabishis
Comic Man (Bernard Caleo)

Susanna Robinson
Women: London Starbucks (detail)

Liz Gray
Shallows where lambs can wade and depths where elephants can drown (detail)

Chris Rowe
Settlement (detail)

Sally Stokes
Gregory NP 2

Ann Shenfield

Sadhana Peterson
Opera Diva - sydney harbor

Cherine Fahd

Fleur Brett
Prickly Pear

Colleen DaRosa
Coastal Boogie

Jane Reynolds
Spiney Briney

Mark Dober
Pepper Tree

Heidi Yardley
Staring at the Sun

Dana Harris
Silk Roads

Adriana Christianson

Kathy Fahey
Home, Little Boxes

Jenny Riddle
The Gathering

Angie de Latour
Shelterbelt #1

Ella Condon
Natalie and Sarah sunbaking, Connecticut, New York

Regine Schwarzer
Alpha / Omega

Paulina Campos
Punto Final

Janice Gobey

Ana Young
shadowed hill

Karyn Lindner
Red (Cold) Drawing

Mia Salsjo

Carole Wilson
Roman Bird 9

Liz Walker
The vanishing #2

Sharyn Dingeldei
Elements of Dura Mater

Robert Hollingworth
String Theory 2

Nicole Ayliffe
Optical landscape series, coast at Byron Bay

Bin Dixon-Ward
Morphed Habitat 4

Camille Hannah
Shallow Breath

Poh Sum Wong
Pink gibber

Elma Young
Green Felt Bowl

Penny Byrne
Mightier (detail)

Peter Atkins
The Travel Project: Destination - Hong Kong

Susan Piesse
Sunset flight

Barbara Bateman
Colourful Symphony

Brent Harris
Grotesquerie (le regarder)

Laura Courtney
Memory (detail)

Thornton Walker
Thornton Walker

Stephanie Hicks
11 September

Claire Spring
Coleus (detail)

Michelle Lee O'Neil
A Spirited Land

Jill Orr
Between somewhere and nowhere

John Pratt
Wake (detail)

Meredith Brice
smart fabric sampler - molecular bloom

Anna Sande
photonet 4 (detail)

Tegan Empson
Left: OMG!, Right: Untitled

Melanie Bardolia
Beauty (detail)

Marc Freeman
Babylon Dreaming

Michele Elliot
some kind of longing

Jennifer Sadler
Summer Paddock

Ted Dwyer
Dawn Transition I (detail)

Nicci Haynes

Genevieve Swifte
Allorneq, To Step, 2

Sera Waters
Nightlight: Forlorn Pine

Gray Street Workshop
Spur Neckpiece by Kelly Jonasson

Sheila Whittam
Nora Heysen Dining Setting

John Young
Invocation, Winter

Robyn Phelan
Journey-Two Views

Valerie Sparks
Strange Migrations (detail)

Jenni Walker
The Vase 1 (detail)

Wendy McDonald
Yellow Limes in Blue Bowl

Jennifer Goodman

Robert Colvin
Bashendi, Dakleh Oasis

Samara Adamson-Pinczewski
Red stripe

Annalise Rees
Scarfing In

Juan Ford

Elizabeth Nelson

Sarah Robson
spatial interventions

Lindy Blackburn
Rainbow Light

Stephen Benwell
statue, male nude

Wendy Stokes
Memory,Resilient offerings (detail)

John Forrest
Ghosts on the Sand of Santa Monica (detail)

Fabrice Bigot
Naked Garden 2 (detail)

Toni Walker
Seated View

Martin King
flock I

Deaf Pillar
Portrait of a Raglan Inhabitant # 04

Beverley Southcott
Havens Sensibility and Durability One (detail)

Tomislav Nikolic

Ronda Wallis
Seaweed Shelter

Chris Bond
At the setting of the sun

Jo Grant
vessels detail

Gerry King
Musketeer Bowls Red Group

Aven Hodgess
Illuminated x-ray detail

Meredith Squires
High Altar, Basilica of San Antonio

Julie Podstolski
Luminous Morning

Penny Coss
Red Bloom

Sarina Lirosi

Robert Habel
Port Stanvac Desalination Plant

Benedict Ernst
There Is No Land (but the land)